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Middle East

It is a place where three worlds come together. For those who seek something exotic and mystical at the same time, it is full of cultural, religious and historic treasures.

Floating in the Dead Sea is an experience that can't be described. Visit the Holy Land, mystical center of the three most important religions. Visit Masada. Feel like Lawrence of Arabia in the magical red sand desert of Wadi Rum... Get the taste of tradition by having dinner and sleeping at the goat-hair tents of a the Bedouins or in private super deluxe camps in the middle of the desert. Impress yourself with majestic Petra, ancient capital of the Nabataei or travel along the route of the Crusaders... Dazzle at the futuristic architecture in Dubai... Spend a couple of nights at The Burj al Arab, 7 stars hotel, built on its own island, and why not? Have dinner inside a huge fish tank

It is a land where history surpasses fairy tales.