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The possibilities of destinations and type of travel in Europe are endless.

Enjoy Shakespeare at the unique Globe Theatre, or let yourself be seduced with Michelangelo’s unfinished slaves. Experience a river voyage along the Danube, Rhine or Moselle rivers... Discover gorgeous medieval castles or Ludwig II’s Neuschwanstein along the Romantic Road, or cycle around Austria’s lakes surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Go shopping for antiquities at Portobello, Clignancourt or El Rastro, or why not participate in an art auction at the renowned Dorotheum. Fall in love with Vienna, visit the houses of Beethoven, Mahler, Klimt, Freud... Imagine what Empress Sissi’s life was like at Schönbrunn and compare it with Count Dracula’s palace in Transylvania... Try your luck catching a glimpse of the Loch Ness monster...Visit the battlefields of Second World War... Stroll inside the painted caves of prehistory where one becomes speechless before such masterpieces...

For those who enjoy art and culture, nowhere better than the cradle of western civilization.