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Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands

Australia is a continent full of adventure, with beautiful beaches and cliffs, vibrant cities and unique nature. New Zealand is a paradise of mountains, fjords and glaciers and the Pacific Islands are a tropical oasis. The combination of these three can make a once in a lifetime, unique experience.

Go to the Sydney Opera and see the spectacular fireworks on New Year’s. Visit the Tasmania Glacier. Spend the night in a luxurious tent in front of Ayres Rock, see the sunset from the back of a camel and later have dinner under the starlit sky in a unique ambience. Trek the Blue Mountains. Follow a trendy gastronomical route or the wineries at Hunter’s Valley or Cape Tribulation, made famous by Captain Cook. Dive in the biggest and most beautiful Coral Reef in the world. Get the adrenaline going in the capital of X-games, where you can Bungee jump, ski, sail, scuba-dive or sky-dive...

End your journey at paradisiacal Fiji or feel the spirit of Gauguin’s Noa Noa in Tahiti..