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Unlock the secrets of Asia. Take a journey beyond the ordinary in the most exotic countries. Ultra modern cities in a futuristic race in contrast with fascinating ancient places of antiquity where it feels time stopped centuries ago. The most luxurious lodgings in places far away from civilization and in contact with nature, to make you feel you are traveling back in time.

Go from the Great Wall in China to Guilin and its magnificent terraced rice fields. Travel in the Trans Siberian train through the Gobi desert from Russia to Beijing. Experience a unique trek in reindeer-filled heart of Ulaanbaatar or visit the land of Genghis Khan on horse-back. Surprise yourself at the Sapporo Snow Festival or watching the stunning Cherry Blossoms. Visit ancient Ephesus, bathe in the hot spring pools of Pamukkale. Sail on a private Gulet along the coast of Antalya or visit the mystical ruins of Angkor Bat or Borobudur. Recreate the Iliad in mythical Troy or have a Hot Air Balloon flight over the magnificent rock formations of Capadoccia. Visit the Great Buda of Nara or celebrate at the colorful Holi Festival in India.

What a better ending of your trip than relaxing in a fabulous resort in Phuket or an indescribable Thai massage?