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Cultural and Historic

There is no better way to learn than among other cultures and civilizations, other rites and traditions, other faces.

Walk along the Museum Island in Berlin or the Museum mile in NYC. Visit the key places of the Great War or D-Day in Normandy. Experience theater as the Greeks did in acoustically perfect Epidaurus or participate of an all-night lecture of Homer’s Iliad in Chios. Enjoy private visits at the Louvre, New Tate, Prado, L’Hermitage... Follow Michelangelo’s masterpieces trail. Visit the Delphi Oracle for predictions, or go to Knossos and visit the remains of the Minotaur’s labyrinth. Visit the sites of Alexander’s or Napoleon’s conquests, or maybe also Waterloo... Discover new art trends in ARCO, Venice Arte Biennale, Art Basel, Sao Paulo....

Come see history come alive in dreamlike places with our exclusive journeys, designed just for you.