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Gastronomical and Wine Tasting Trips

For those interested in the pleasure of fine dining or oenology we offer exclusive trips: original journeys to discover good cooking at the heart of the region of its origin, surrounded by sublime landscapes or unique cultural landmarks.

Feel the aromas, flavors and sensations in the lands of the most prestigious vineyards and wine cellars in Bordeaux, La Rioja, Napa Valley, Mendoza, Undurraga, among many others... Follow the Cava route in el Penedès or the Champagne trail. Discover the places, the people, the traditions that, together with the tastes and flavors of each region will remain in your mind and heart forever. You’ll be able to sample the most exquisite wines, share with the wineries’ owners, have exclusive private dinners and wine tasting in the most exclusive settings. And then there is the colorful Oktoberfest and the Scotch Whisky Trail.

We arrange gastronomical trips to the best restaurants in France, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Peru... Anywhere you want, anything you want to eat, à la carte...

And if what you like is cooking we can arrange for courses at the atelier Alain Ducasse, Cordon Bleu, Toscana...